Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile

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Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile.jpg

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile


For coaches and training professionals, this is ideal for a pre-coaching session planning to help compare and contrast the leader’s feedback from every angle. We will provide you with steps to so you can work effectively with your client through these steps: Setup, Communication, Assessment, Coaching, and Wrap-up.  The report includes a composite of 360® feedback data on the Eight Approaches to Leadership from a specific group of raters, along with a summary of responses by rater category (e.g. manager, peer, direct report), and each behavioral Practice. This report also visually illustrates at-a-glance the robust collection of feedback data into a unique 363 graph for each leader.

• 22+ pages all about the leader
• All-new, research-validated model
• Intuitive, easy-to-read visuals
• Rich cuts of data and feedback
• Comprehensive listing of rater
• Three strategies for improving
Leaders can have unlimited raters
in the following groups:
• Direct Reports
• Peers
• Manager
• Others

Save time and reduce stress with CommentSmart, our innovative selectable
comments feature that allows raters to choose from highly–tested, behavior–focused comments to give more richness, context, and depth to their feedback—without the potential for snide remarks.

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