MBTI Step II Interpretive Report


MBTI Step II Interpretive Report


The MBTI® Step II™ Profile is the most economical way to provide a more complete description of an individual’s MBTI type. This five-page report presents clients’ Step I four-letter type as well as their results on the 20 Step II™ facets that underlie them.

Refreshed to be more engaging and user-friendly Enhancements include:

  • New design for a contemporary look and feel
  • Improved content organization and layout for better usability
  • Updated MBTI language for easier comprehension of type concepts
  • Newly designed charts to help explain facet results

Graphically enhanced to illustrate facet results

Graphs each of the 20 Step II™ facet results, with descriptions to help clients better understand their meaning.


Designed with easier facilitation in mind

Includes an interpreter’s summary providing clients’ results in brief, the average range of scores of individuals with the same MBTI type, and clients’ polarity index, which is a measure of the consistency of their Form Q responses.

Administration Details

Items: 144

Time to complete: 25-36 minutes

Age: 18 and up


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