MBTI Team Report

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MBTI TeamReport.jpg

MBTI Team Report


Take the complexity out of team-building trainings and develop high-functioning teams with this powerful tool. The 16-page report offers comprehensive information for promoting cooperation and efficiency for teams of up to 125 members.


  • Describes a team’s MBTI team type and how it is derived, along with team strengths and blind spots and the organization’s influence on the team
  • Contains personalized type information for team members so that they can see how they fit on the team, plus action plans to improve the effectiveness of the team and individual members
  • Compares the team’s problem-solving style and preferred use of time with those of individual team members
  • Includes a 23-page MBTI® Team Facilitator Report, which offers type-customized tips and activity ideas to assist in workshop planning
  • Includes a Team Type Table outlining the team’s preferences, attitude pairs, function pairs, energy and perception pairs, judging and orientation pairs, and temperaments


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