Survey Administration Services

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Survey Administration Services


Karen Geiger & Associates, Inc. offers service bureau work using 20/20 Insight GOLD software. This software allows us to either choose from an integrated library of survey items or customize our own. The survey is customizable as well, from rater categories to survey item groupings, to the content of the invitation email and reminders, and how the report is formatted.

Our survey administration services include:

·         clarifying the results you want from your survey,

·         creating a survey to accomplish these outcomes,

·         coaching you in determining raters and the categories they are best suited for,

·         setting timing for the survey,

·         administering the survey and collecting results, and

·         providing you with a report summarizing the survey results.

Surveys we can create and administer for you:

1.    Surveys for Individuals

Measuring performance improvement - Administer customized surveys based on course objectives before and after training to determine if the skills taught in training transfer to improved performance on the job.

Leadership development - Diagnose skill strengths and areas for development of executives, managers and supervisors.

Managers' coaching skills - Find out how effective managers are at coaching their direct reports about on-the-job performance. 

Individual skill development - Have team members give each other feedback about personal leadership, team interaction and workplace skills.

2.    Team and Organization Surveys

Team development - Assess team issues by collecting input from a variety of customers and stakeholders. 

Needs assessment - Study aggregate performance data to decide how much to invest for training and development programs. 

Organizational climate surveys - Collect information about your organization's vision, values, policies, structure, communication and management support.

Post-training survey of organizational support - Survey participants of your training programs to find out if the current policies and systems support the application of new skills. 

3. Customer Input

Market Research - When you're considering a new product or service, gather input first from potential and current customers to find out what they really want.

Customer satisfaction surveys - Get feedback from customers to find out what you need to change to create loyal customers.

Benefits of outsourcing your survey administration:

  • Work with an expert to set up the survey to your specifications.
  • Save valuable internal staff time for other priorities.
  • No software purchase required.
  • Confidential information stored securely off-site.
  • Efficient and very cost effective. The cost will depend on your survey needs and after determining those, we will give you a price in our proposal that will be firm. 

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We can be your "back room" and administer your 360 feedback surveys. Because pricing depends on numbers of people, survey design and reporting timing, call us to get a price.