Research Experience

2012: “Inclusive Leadership in a Societal Context of Racism” with Dr. Cheryl Jordan, Equality Diversity and Inclusion International Journal.

Submitted Dissertation entitled “Cross-Race Relationships as Sites of Transformation: Navigating the Protective Shell and the Insular Bubble” for Outstanding Doctoral Research Award, Emerald Group Publishing.

2011: Articles in process: “The Bubble of Privilege and Cross-Race Work Relationships”, “International Travel and Race Awareness”, “Authenticity across Race” and “Mitigating Race Bias in Cross-Race Interviewing”.

2010: Dissertation completed in October 2010 focusing on how women negotiate issues of race. Doctoral-level research since 2006 included case study research, literature reviews, critical analysis of methods, organizational change project, and others. Conduct ongoing scan of business and world realities to incorporate into the leadership curriculum.

2006: Developed and implemented a survey to all Dore Academy faculty and staff to learn their priorities for the next Head of School, in the beginning of our selection process. Used those results to define needs, then interviewed key referral sources in the community to assess the performance of our Interim Head of School, and used that information to make our hiring decision.

2005: Was asked by a local group of Community Leadership Award winners to begin a civic leadership development program for women. I questioned the due diligence that had been done about the idea, and was hired to conduct focus groups of former winners, potential participants, and funders to assess the feasibility of this idea. Based on the unanimous lack of support for this idea, we developed an annual Roundtable instead which better accomplishes their goals.

2002: Based on a review of leadership literature and the current McColl School business curriculum, developed a set of competencies that could be used as a basis for 360-degree feedback. Conducted a face validity study with 300 local executives and worked with a colleague to conduct a construct validity analysis on the items.

1987: Conducted a corporate-wide survey and focus group study about work/family issues in our employee populations, with Work/Family Directions’ consulting arm which was the basis for the solutions we created at Bank of America.