Ph.D. in Leadership and Change, Antioch University, 2010.

M.S. in Ed. Indiana University. 1979.

B.A., Sociology. University of Rochester, 1976.
Academic Service

Professional Service

2014: Served as co-Stream Chair for 2015 Equality Diversity and Inclusion conference.

2013: Served as co-Stream chair for 2014 Equality Diversity and Inclusion conference, elected Business Leadership Chair for 2012-13 year for International Leadership Association.

2012: Served as blind reviewer for Journal of Managerial Psychology and , served as Co-Stream Chair for Equality Diversity and Inclusion conference 2012.


Cultural Orientation Inventory (October 2003)
Big Five Personality Assessment (1996)
Paper Planes, Inc. simulation (1995)
Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation (1995)
20/20 Insight Assessment: 360 Degree Feedback (1995)
Systems Thinking Simulation facilitator certification (1994)
Wiley Instrumented Learning Products and Seminars (1994)
Benchmarks certification – Center for Creative Leadership (1991)
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (1979)