Imagine a Third Wave Women's Movement

Chip Smith, in The Cost of Privilege, describes a current trend to refigure and enhance U.S. women's advocacy efforts to make them more diverse and inclusive. He points out the work White women must do:

  • Be proactive in developing personal relationships with People of Color as one way to establish a personal connection to oppression.
  • Examine our lives to get deeper insights into how race privilege affects our thinking and actions.
  • Don't just dismiss our family members or White folks as being "racists" or "backward", but understand how they arrived at their understanding of the world. 
  • Move beyond a White identity and know that it is a long-term process. 

This is exactly what we'll be doing in the Reframing My White Identity series beginning in September. We have a great group forming, and please register by the end of July so that I can order materials for you. You can register or ask questions either via email ( or on this website - Click  on Products, then Race Awareness and pay by credit card.